How to start a hair extensions business (E-book)


Did you know that you could be losing thousands and thousands of money trying to set up your hair extensions business? Vetting of hair vendors could make you spend all your working capital on trying to set up your business. This book would ensure you get all the guidance you need. It covers;

  1. Choosing a business name
  2. Sourcing of hair vendors
  3. Managing inventory
  4. The right capital to start up with
  5. Branding and packaging
  6. Advertising
  7. Shipping method
  8. Payment Method
  9. Choose your target market
  10. How to know good and bad hair
  11. Differences between remy, virgin and raw hair
  12. Differences between single and double drawn
  13. Best seller textures

Starting up a business is hard work, starting it without the right guidance makes it even harder. Choose your path today.


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