Why do you need a wig cap?


 It was around the 17th century when wigs came into vogue in Europe and caused a dramatic change in the world of fashion, and up until the contemporary age, we can see them being used either for personal use after hair loss, in movies and theaters or being worn by celebrities. During medieval times wigs served as a head covering for both males and females.


Men mainly wore them to illustrate their distinctive social class, while women used to wear them to amplify their beauty. In the modern-day and age, wigs have become increasingly popular due to the availability of synthetic hairs. There are many advantages of wearing wigs: they can cover up thinning hair or significant hair loss, look natural, and boost the self-confidence of anyone struggling with their hair loss journey by providing them with an optimum solution.


Wearing wigs brings forth the responsibility of taking good care of your scalp and, ultimately, your hair underneath the wig. As wigs are worn for longer periods, they are prone to making your scalp feel irritated and even damage your natural hair, which is why this problem necessitates wearing a wig cap.


What is a wig cap?

 A wig cap is the foundation material for a wig and is similar to the construction of a baseball hat in that it matches the contour of the head. The hair and style are connected to the cap, which is the foundation of wigs. There are different varieties of wigs caps ranging from monofilament, lace front and hand-tied to wefted/open cap wigs.

Each wig cap has its benefits and drawbacks and can be used with different types of wigs. Before purchasing a wig cap, it is of utmost importance for buyers to research what wig caps suit their scalp best and provide longer durability.


Why do you need a wig cap?

 Consider yourself attending a royal banquet where you are all glammed up with your lovely wig set in place. Now consider this, you are dancing with your partner, and while you are in the process of performing the perfect twirl, suddenly your seemingly flawlessly styled wigs slips off and falls to the floor...along with your pride.

This might sound like a complete nightmare but it is one of the many reasons why a wig cap becomes the utmost necessity. Wig caps tend to provide a layer of friction between the scalp and the wig and ultimately serve to be quite heavy-duty and keep your wig looking all set in place and all glamorous.


In addition, wig caps can aid women with partial hair loss by securing stray hairs beneath their wigs and keeping them in place. Another great benefit of wearing a wig cap is eliminating uneven bumps of natural hair and providing an overall composed look for your hairstyle.

It is natural for sweat and oil to build up in your scalp, and the wig cap acts as a barrier between your natural hair and the synthetic ones henceforth, preserving the longevity of your wig by keeping your wig clean and hygienic. Lastly, it gives confidence to the users wearing it because it provides security that their wig won’t slip off.

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