Million Braids (Light Brown)
Million Braids (Light Brown)
Million Braids (Light Brown)
Million Braids (Light Brown)
Million Braids (Light Brown)
Million Braids (Light Brown)
Million Braids (Light Brown)
Million Braids (Light Brown)

Million Braids (Light Brown)

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Wig cap size



Length: 30 inches


Colour: 30/27 Honey Brown

Very Lightweight

Very durable

Adjustable bands to suit any head shape 

Synthetic Braids

Sharp parting which could be worn as centre or side

Closure for a clean and natural finish




Our website currency is priced  in POUNDS STERLING NOT US DOLLARS. Kindly change your currency using the converter to check prices in your local currency. This means that the value in dollars would not be same amount in Pounds sterling. Thank you for understanding!


1. How long would it take for me to receive my order? Production time is 15 business days and shipping takes 5 to 7 working days to get to you.

2. How long does it take to make each wig? It takes about 15 business days to make a wig.

3. How would i know if the wig would fit my head shape?  We have different sizes available. Please use the drop down box to choose. There are adjustabe bands and straps. This adjusts to any head shape.

4. Can i choose any other colour of hair extensions or braids? You absolutely can, please send an email or use or contact form to let us know.

5. Why is it being produced in Nigeria? This keeps the costs down and we can pass the savings to you.

6. How do i know your company is authentic? We are on Shopify, all verifications of our company have been made. We are also on Facebook and Instagram.

7. How long can my wigs last? With proper maintenance, your wig should last between 2 to 5 years depending on how you take care of it.

8. How do i switch to my currency?

Please kindly use the currency converter to check the prices in your local currency. Our website is priced in POUNDS STERLING.

9. What are the wigs made out of?

The base is made out of human hair and the rest is synthetic. 

10. Why does it take so long to receive my order?

Our wigs are meticulously handmade so this takes time and we have loads of orders from other clients just like you


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Customer Reviews

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Fala S.

Thank you for reaching out to me regarding this braided unit. For starters I'd like to say that the color is amazing and Ive received many compliments on both the color and the style itself. I really like the unit but was very surprised and disappointed when my spouse pointed out that the back of the unit had sporadic twist, it wasn't full, and you could very well see the cap. The strapping was also loose, with a few twist that unraveled at the top. Needless I was extremely disappointed, and saddled as at first glance and wear I really liked the unit. But there are plenty of "open areas". Because this is rather obvious I'm left to wearing a fedora, scarf or some type of headdress to disguise the imperfections. And for this reason only I rated the unit as a "like" as opposed to love. However I am considering ordering again
. You have great costumer service and timely response, but you are only good as the work you produce. I would have like to upload a photo unfortunately a glitch has not permitted me unable to do so.

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